Over 150+ attributes tracked

Plus integrate your own custom data

TrueStats automatically tracks 22,000+ devices, geolocation, demographic, campaign and e-commerce data. Events can track any amount of custom data with a simple call.


With our proprietary technology, we detect suspicious and hidden sessions by all your sources and report on the quality factors. Quit paying for useless traffic.

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Use our REST API to get full user profiles with quality scores and demographics in realtime to make better decisions about how to engage your users.

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See how your known users engage, even across devices. Track custom events and attributes on profiles. Integrate people profiles into your existing systems.

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Full campaign, conversion and revenue analysis. Includes funnel analysis and attribution. Eliminate sources that don't convert.

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Events can have any amount of data attached and can be updated at any time. Reports can be customized to display event attributes.

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Integrate and customize using our platform. And with our open source website, you can build your own custom product using our data platform.

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Reports are fully customizable. Create your own dashboards.

Infinite Logs

Session-level data from the beginning of your account is accessible at anytime via the website or API.


Get email delivery of reports. Schedule exports on any timeframe.

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Identify sources of fraudulent traffic and increase your ROI.

If you are running campaigns to drive traffic to your site, then someone out there is going to try and sell you fraudulent traffic. With TrueStats you know who you can trust and who you should stop doing business with.

TrueStats detects and identifies bots, hidden sessions and suspicious traffic. Our superior segmentation allows you to compare multiple campaigns both by their success and the amount of abuse they suffered by fraud.

People Analytics

People Analytics

Realtime user scoring and profiling.

The same qualities that tell us that a user is human also tell us a lot about them as a consumer. Follow how individual users engage, even across multiple devices. Use these metrics to display tailored content and offers. Track the successes and failures of different sales techniques. The possibilities are endless and TrueStats will help you discover them.


Real Time

Not now, but RIGHT NOW.

You don’t have to wait 24 hours to see how an initiative is performing. And you won’t have to learn about a wave of fraudulent traffic after it’s too late. TrueStats collects, analyses and displays data in realtime.

Superior Segmentation

Superior Segmentation

Analyze and compare multiple campaigns as well as their attributes.

TrueStats tracks and analyses over 147 different powerful attributes, including fraud-based attributes not found in other popular services. These attributes can be mixed and matched with you own custom attributes to give you the clearest possible picture of your customer's engagement.


TrueStats is a pay-as-you-go service based on the total number of hits in a month.

500K Hits
$100 Month

Up to 500,000 hits

500K Hits
$200 Month

Up to 1,000,000 hits

500K Hits
$300 Month

Up to 2,000,000 hits

500K Hits
$400 Month

Up to 3,000,000 hits

If your website is recording over 3M hits a month, we recommend contacting us about high volume and enterprise pricing.

(Hits are the total sessions, events, page views and API calls.)

How do I choose a plan?

TrueStats is only available as a pay-as-you-go service. The monthly service charge is based solely on the amount of traffic that TrueStats records and analyses. That traffic is measured in hits: the total sessions, page views and API calls the TrueStats servers receive from your website in a single month.

Is there a discount for a bulk purchase?

TrueStats offers bonus hits when you purchase quarterly or annually. Credit is applied to your account and you are given an extra 10% of hits a month to use. We recommend this discount for high volume and enterprise customers, but it is available to all customers. Contact our sales team or call 888-453-5291 to learn more.